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The Battle Ground for the future of ALL AFRIKAN PEOPLE, is taking place here. Where, is HERE?? Here, is your mind, your thinking faculty, your MENTALITY.

mind image

Barbarians, invaded the Centers of your HIGH CIVILISATIONS. They stole your knowledge base, misinterpreted it, distorted it and capsized it.
Then they destroyed your civilization.
You have been kidnapped, dehumanized, transported, scattered and dispersed from your Homeland and made SLAVES, against your will.
You now suffer from loss of memory of SELF, HISTORY, and CULTURE (AMNESIA).

Pyramid Temple Pyramid Temple


This is the symbol, that holds the KEY to the healing of your mind the return of your GENETIC memory, and the shattering of the MENTAL shackles that now have you entrapped and snared in a world of chaos, ignorance, misery and confusion.

15th century soldier

This was the first Battle Ground. The physical enslavement of AFRIKAN PEOPLE.With the destruction of Afrikan Civilizations and Empires the Institutional pillars that held Afrikan Societies together and allowed it to recover and reform its center, based on its own cycle,unravelled. Constant and sucessive waves of Military, Religious, and Cultutral invasions from outside forces did not allow those centers that sustained the continuity of thousands of years of civilised interaction, to recover and re-establish itself.

slave breaking chains

African Societal structure was systematically destroyed. Not all of it was done by europeans. In 1492 the African Moorish Empire that controlled the european peninsula of Portugal, Spain and parts of France suffered an empire breaking defeat. After 700 years of brutal war between Muslim Moors and european christians the combined christian forces of Ferdinand and Isabella and the huge mercenary european barbarian armies that they hired defeated the African Moors. You can begin to trace the intolerance and inhumanity of europeans for Africans from this era. The mass expulsion of all non european non christian People from europe started here. Large numbers of displaced Africans many with military background found their way into Moroco at this time. Invasions from europe, north west Africa and Islamic Arabia all impacted upon the societal infrastructure of West African Empires.

From the Northwest, Moors retreating from europe. From the east and north east Arabs bent on conquest under the banner of Islam.
From the north and west europeans hungry for food and riches.
The eventual impact of these forces on the North, East, Central, Southern and West African Empires after generations of invasions, military, religious, cultural, and diplomatic all used as tools for conquest, was the collapse into chaos for many Afrikan Societies.

pirate ship

During the era of chaos for Afrikan Empires seeking to recover their natural balance, foreign invaders from every direction entered the Continent.
Invading Navies, armies, diplomats, traders, merchants and religious zealots from europe, established footholds on the coast.
Along the east coast Arab traders and merchants, Islamic converters and Portuguese conquistadors wrecked thier havoc.
european military forts stretched from the northern end of the continent to the southern end along the coast.


From these military outposts, they went out into the chaotic vacuum and Kidnapped, Stole, Pillaged, raped, and destroyed the remaining infrastructure. They enetred with their soldiers, traders, their priests and their diplomats and deceitfully destroyed and coerced the fragmented African heirachy. By the time they were finished, they had eliminated resistance, in certain areas, established a cadre of mullato assistants and established collaborative agreements with some rulers.


Their greed for African resources knew no limits and there was no act to despicable for them to accomplish their greeedy ends. Their gunboat diplomacy assisted their traders and merchants to insure monopoly supply of goods and materials. Their decitful merchants and traders and their illiterate and culturally biased proselytes spread malice,decit and Spiritual confusion among the masses. By the time their mission was accomplished in areas under their influence, the institutional structure of African Society had been shattered.

slave breaking chains

Their greed and hunger took them out of their dank and icy environment of scarcity into a world of abundance. Seeing all this abundance their greedy and selfish personality would not let them share. They decided from the outset, that they were going to own and control all the resources, wherever they met them and they would destroy all the cultures and societies they came upon so that they could posses those resources. And so in their wanderings they came upon the lands to the west and north of them and set upon destroying the indegenous population they met in these lands.

sword and bible


Every where they went, they used their tools of destruction.
Their bible and their religion,(a tool used for the attack on the psycho/spiritual concepts that bind societies).
Their sword, cannons and soldiers, (a tool used for the physical destruction of People and infrastruture that bind Societies.)
Their germs, (a tool used to destroy the genetic structure of People that bind Societies.)
Their diplomats ( a tool used for spreading deceit and distrust among Societies.)
Their genocidal havoc annihilated millions of indegenous Peoples in a very brief peiod. Then they found themselves with a strange dilema. They had not the genetic makeup to sustain themselves in the tropical environment of the lands they had killed, maimed, murdered, pillaged and raped to possess.

slave breaking chains

For those who continue to live under the false misconception, so cleverly established by european educational institutions that Africans were sitting by the seaside waiting for the europens to come with their ships so that they could sell their kith and kin, nothing could be farther form the truth. There must be, a closer examination of the time frame, between the coming of the european and the collaboration of certain sectors of African Society. Upon close examination, one will discover, that there is a gap in time between the two.


That gap was the time used by the european to completely destroy African Institutional infrastrcture and condition younger generations to accept as normal, a situation that their Parents and Grandparents would not accept. There was no trade in African Human Beings before the europeans came. After the european arrived,it took them many years of operation in the chaos they created, to established an infrastructure that involved Africans.

slave breaking chains

The word slave (SLAV) comes from the the huge trade in the slavic People when the holy roman empire and its church the catholic church approved the capture and sale of any human being who was not a member of the catholic religion. The europeans themselves were sellng their own and already had a market system for human Beings. All recordings of their first trips into the continent show them returning to europe with people they kidnapped to sell as slaves. Until the 1500's, however, anyone was free game to the europeans among the cultures and societies they invaded. As they put it, "once they were not catholics"

frigate cannons frigate It took the european many years to establish their footholds on the continent, and it took them many more years to condition and coerce certain sectors of African Society to supply them with Human Beings. Africans did not have a market for slaves. Africans did not have an economic system based on slavery. It was the economic system of Ethnic Chattel Slavery created by the european that became the main item of trade that eventually got collaboration from some sectors of African Society. Up until that point europeans used military, merchant, diplomat, and preacher to rob the African of their freedom, kidnap them and transport them to far away lands to labour for nothing until death.

For those of you who doubt, that (1) It took time to inculcate, condition and incorporate some Africans into the economic system of Slavery. (2) That it was the economic market force of the trade in SLAVES that made the sale of HUMAN BEINGS a business. Take a look at market forces today. Presently, some Africans are involved in the oppression of all Afrikan People. What motivates them? Generations of religious and educational conditioning and the rewards of material, monetary gain. Is there any difference? Who controls the Market? Who determines what is marketed? The most visible example presently is the music/entertainment/sports industry. Examine any of them and see if all the structures are not in place. In the sports industry the players are owned. In the music/entertainment industry only those images and lyrics that serve the counter revolutionary objectives of the System of Superiority is marketed. PHYSICAL, MENTAL and SPIRITUAL SLAVERY very alive and active in the 21st century seemingly so disguised that most no longer see it.


This is the key that will release the Physical, Mental And Spiritual shackles that european centered thinking has trapped and misled you with.


Who financed Christobal Colon's genocidal search for fame and fortune?
Ferdinand and Isabella? Where did they get the funds?
From the land and riches that they took from the defeated Moorish heirachy that they deported.
Columbus was a mercenary, a soldier of fortune, a murderer, a kidnapper, an opportunist seeking for fame and fortune.
He came with soldiers and priests. SWORD and BIBLE. They came and conquered in the name of the church and the state.
Today, anywhere that western educational institutions hold sway, this man is promoted as a "hero".
Whose "hero" is he? Columbus? Hero? For Who?

slave breaking chains

After the european genocidally annihilated the People they met in the Caribbean and the Americas, they found that they could not supply the human labour resources necessary out of their own gene pool. They neither had the numbers, or the physical resistance necessary to work the lands that they had usurped. It was then the european invented the most despicable part of their slavery system. ETHNIC CHATTEL SLAVERY specific only to the African who was so easy to identify and who could never assimilate into their society. It was then, that they began the removal of African human resources in large numbers. It was then, that the Human Resource base of Africa beagn to be drained.


Do you know, how an entire Society is destroyed?
Try taking all its Leaders, Scientists, Inventors, Intellects, Academics, Artisans, Agriculturalists, Doctors,Nurses, Midwives, Spiritualists, Herbalists, Lawyers, Linguists,and Teachers.
In other words, the backbone of the institutions that bind the society together.
Kidnap them, and transport them across the ocean.
Don't for one minute assume the concept you have been fed by western educational institutions.
All the above, and more existed in the African communities that were destroyed by the marauding forces of europe and its allies.
It is that knowledge base and experience that built the western world.
It was not just the physical labour of Africans that built the western world.
It was the sum total of their accquired knowledge passed down through generations of sucessive civilisations.

hawkins pirate crest Here is another western world hero. Knighted by his queen for bringing glory and fortunes to the crown.
A common pirate. Here is the crest that was mounted in his mansion and on the "good ship jesus" that he pillaged the seas on. Englands first slaver

slave ship

"The slaves, who made up the live cargo, were burdened by grief and desperation. Many had probably been sold several times before ending up in the fort's dungeons or barracoons, but their introduction to a large slave ship was even more terrifying than the journey to the coast and the fort. At midnight, 23 April 1768, The Fredensborg set sail with a cargo of 265 enslaved Africans, 928 kilograms of ivory and 1.25 kilograms of gold. In order to prevent revolt the slaves were chained together two by two, using foot shackles. THE HUMAN CARGO. 158 MALE SLAVES, 78 FEMALE SLAVES, 9 GIRL SLAVES, 20 BOY SLAVES, 265 ENSLAVED AFRICANS"

inside slave ship inside slave ship Kidnapped, chained, transported in the belly of ships against your will. Stripped and sold like animals in a market place. This was the least of the torture endured for the next 400 years, as African free labour and collective knowledge base built the western world physically and economically.

Eyewitness details of a Slave Ship


The life expectancy of an Afrikan on the Plantation was (7) seven years. Just as today the mass producers plan obsolesence, in the system of slavery, the Afrikan was a commodity that could be easily replaced. So, they were worked, starved and beaten to death from sunrise to sunrise. The ships belly's could not be filled fast enough as the Slave masters maximised the return on their investment. They had no problems working Afrikans to death and replacing them from the next ship load.


Eventually the Slave masters in america thought it was more cost effective to "breed" their own slaves. The end result of that approach, is that today in the usa one can find the most finely conditioned Afrikans with an overwhelming desire to please their masters. Selective elimination of the Afrikan gene pool of Afrikans who show the desire to resist continues right up to the present in the usa. The jails of the usa are full to capacity with Afrikans with the will to resist. The sports and entertainment industries, on the other hand are full to capacity with finely conditioned slaves whose one desire is to make their masters happy.


The Afrikan enslaved in the Caribbean was replaced, as soon as she/he was no longer able to work from sun up to sun up. It is recorded, that the slave masters had no problems carrying them out to sea and drowning them when they were no longer fit enough to do the back breaking tasks of plantation life. For those who assume that Afrikans have lived outside of Afrika since the 1500's. Think again. Afrikans were being brought out of the continent for (approx) 400 four hundred years. But, they were brought by the boatloads, worked, starved and beaten to death and then replaced. The vast majority of Afrikans in the Caribbean were brought over in the last wave. The period between the years 1830 and 1900 when so called "emancipation" took place is the time, that most Afrikans residing in the Caribbean region were taken out of Afrika. The slave trade stretched from the 1500's to the 1900's. From the beginning, through out the region some Afrikans were never enslaved as they escaped very soon after landing and established their own communities. These were the exception. The enslaved Afrikan on the plantation, was not able to establish a somewhat stable social order until after"emancipation". There was no room on a plantation seeking to maximize profits for pregnant women. As such the vast majority of pregnant Afrikan women on any given plantation were those who were raped by their masters. Afrikans in the Caribbean did not start making families until after "emancipation".


From the time of the european economic and cultural invasion of Africa until the 1880's, european countries still only had coastal footholds on the continent.


By 1895 when the system of Ethnic Slavery had exhausted its economic worth, the nations of europe held a conference (Berlin Conference 1884-1885) and divided the continent of Africa, between them. Subsequent european wars 1 and 2 was waged in part because some of the european nations did not get enough of the African booty. There was no African representatives at this conference. The nations of europe partitioned the continent according to their own dictates, with no regard for the People who had social, political and historical ownership of the territories they userped. Details of Partition

Very Brief History


This is the CONTINENT of AFRIKA. It has 12 Million square miles of land. It has all the resources that any People, Nation, Empire or Civilisation needs to sustain long lasting and stable Societies. Prior to invasion and collapse of Institutional Structures, from external pressures, and internal instability, many long lasting Empires and Civilisations were established in every area of the Continent.

Cultural integrity, demands Social stability. The fabric of a Nation, is held together through generational continuity.
When cultural clashes occur that would destroy the fabric of a Nation, generational resistance becomes necessary for the survival and reclamation of Ethnic, National, Social, Economical, Historical and Cultural integrity.
When the Fabric of a Nation has been shattered, the LAW of Dynamics demands, that the damage be repaired.
The immensity of the damage, equals the period required to repair it.
For Afrikans seeking to reestablish their CORRECT position in the DYNAMICS of HUMAN affairs,


All Societies are bonded together, by their Ethnic, Mental, Spiritual, Cultural and Historical Roots.
The glue that holds this bond from generation to generation are the Psycho/Spiritual values of the Society.
Psycho/Spiritual values are expressed through a Societies Spiritual System.
If you have no Psycho/Spiritual System of your own and you express yourself through some one elses "Belief System" then they control your Spirit.

These are the Institutions that have Captivated Your Mind from Generation to Generation.
Today they still Hold You as Captivated as they Held Your Mother Yesterday and Your Grandmother the Day before that.
So Long as We Continue to Allow Them to "TEACH" and INFORM US, We Will Continue to be their Mindless Robots.
These Institutions Control Your Mentality and Your PSYCHO/SPIRITUALITY.

school school church church mosque mosque radio tv news music

This is the SECOND Battle Ground.The MENTAL WAR. The battle for your mind.
While the mental war took place simultaneously with the the PHYSICAL War it was not the priority. When the System of Ethnic Slavery became more costly than the returns, the non-melanoid aberations of humanity started their next phase of control.
The educational and religious institutions began in earnest to capture completely the minds of the People that they had recently "freed".
COLONIALISM, the younger Sister of Ethnic Slavery now took center stage.
The physical control of the land and the mental control of the People became the priority to insure the continued pillaging of other Peoples resources.


In the 1830's some few universities in Germany and England established an higher education ciriculum.
They completly revised the history of the world to fit their distorted world view of themselves.
They then created some theoritcal social sciences to justify their existence.
The operative words in all the ciriculum they established was SUPERIOR and CHOSEN.
This unproven THEORITICAL knowledge base established then upon its false foundation of their Superiority still continues today.
In order to get "higher education" degrees, the student MUST research from only approved books.
Scholarly works that do not support the educational institutions version of the world and its Peoples never make it to the approved list.


This piece of "paper" is what the educational institutions give you, when you have demonstrated your ability to reproduce through ROTE memorization the theories that they force you to memorize from abc to university.
The end result is that one comes out of the system with a degree only if they have demonstrated their capacity to validate and perpetuate a doctrine established on unproven theories.

jesus jesus jesus jesus

Which one of these images hangs in your home?
Which one of them hangs in the home of close friends and relatives?
Which one of them reflects your ethnicity?
Has this image in any way captured and capsized your Psycho/Spiritual knowing, and replaced it with a "Belief System"?

black jesus black jesus black jesus black jesus black jesus black jesus

Here are some images that could begin the reversal process necessary for you to rediscover your TRUE SELF.

pavlov pavlov dog

This scientist and his dog, established the science of mind control through repitition.
Say it, hear it, see it over and over and whether it is true or not the unconscious mind will operate as if it were true.
This simple formula has allowed a group of people still in their babaric stage of development, to control the minds of the masses they "govern".
Their educational, religious and media institutions bombard minds, with rote memory ideas and images.


The key to breaking that control is here.
The system has not taught you how to think.
It has taught you to memorize many false theories which you act upon as TRUTH.
Seeking for TRUTH will teach you how to think.
Finding TRUTH will bring you into conscious contact with your SPIRIT.
When your SPIRIT becomes consciously active no form of corruption can penetrate your being.

flag From the earliest beginnings of the genocidal invasions of people whose lack of MELANIN needs to be examined, Afrikan Civilisations, Empires and Nations and PEOPLE, have shown the will to resist.
This WILL is born in the SPIRIT of independent thinkers. The radical Afrikan Intellect has demonstrated from generation to generation its ability to penetrate the oppressors web of deceit.
The PANTHEON of AFRIKAN HERUINES and HERUES is as long and as inspiring as Afrika's magnificient History.

flag Struggle is generational.
Each generation contributes, according to the energy and dedication to the CAUSE that is provided.
Progress towards repair and redemption is made in proportion to the MOTIVE FORCE provided by each generation.
Some, generations, because of the dynamics of counter revolutionary forces do more than others.


Counter revolutionary forces from those who seek to control and dominate react by eliminating leaders.
Then they condition, through their religious,educational and media institutes the generation that follows.
The result, for the dominant controling factor, is that no matter how big the gain made by the the present generation, the next generation is contained and conditioned to reverse the progress.

miseducation of the negro

During the era of ETHNIC CHATTEL SLAVERY,the struggle for the re-establishment of Order in African Human affairs was motivated by the brutality of the european.
The shift from the struggle to remove the shackles of Physical Slavery to the Struggle in the MENTAL SPHERE was never clear.
In fact based on available data, historical analysis indicates that at the MASS level the assumption was that the Struggle was over and Victory had been achieved.

miseducation of the negro While the struggle continued to seeth beneth the surface, and post "emancipation" leaders and thinkers looked for the synthesizing elements to formulate the next phase of the struggle in a way that the Masses could understand, the colonizer began in earnest to colonize the minds of those that they had just supposedly recently "emancipated".
The Mis-Education of ALL Afrikan People under Colonial domination began in earnest.
It was not until the emergence of Marcus Garvey in the 1920's, some eighty six (86) years after "emancipation" that a Mass idelogical approach to the Mental re-awakening of the Masses took form.
By then, the coloniser had already made deep inroads into the psyche of its former slaves.

alphe ankh

The struggle presently is on the MENTAL PLANE.
The sheer brutality that allowed Afrikans under slavery to pass on from generation to genration at the mass level the motive force necessary to bring about MASS change is not so easily discerned on the Mental Sphere.
As such, the struggle today is masked in CHAOS and Confusion.
Clarity as it relates to OUR objective has been lost, because the noise and babble of the language presently used to communicate, is pefectly designed to accomadate CHAOS.
Struggle exixsts wherever injustice and oppression holds sway.
Leaders and revolutionary intellectuals in the Diaspora and on the Continent have maintained the PATH.
While not always visible, Resistance is ever present and continuous.
However, Resistance only shows visible results, in relation to the understanding of the MASSES of the PATH that needs to be taken.
Since the advent of Physical "emancipation" the Afrikan struggle has skipped generation(s) along ITS PATH towards Redemption.
This, has slowed the pace of OUR recovery, and has given the european more time to continue with their genocidal approach to controlling and dominating the PLANET and everything on it.


For the AFRIKAN struggle to attain its GOALS, Resistance must be generational and continuous.
At any given moment in time, that the GLOBAL AFRIKAN COMMUNITY puts together in continuity from one generation to the next the IDEOLOGY of AFRIKAN UNITY, the strides made swallows up huge amounts of time lost.

flag flag flag flag

This flag,designed by the Honourable Marcus Garvey, is a symbolic representation of the UNIFICATIONof the Afrikan Continent.


The Hon. Edward Blyden, The Hon. Martin Delaney, The Hon. H. Sylvester Williams, philosophies, writings, lectures and activities around the world where ever Afrikans lived, established the foundation that the Hon. Marcus Garvey synthesized and gave to the Afrikan World as a vehicle for their redemptiion.


Marcus Garvey

This man is the personification of the Pan-Afrikan concept. Bridging the gap between those Afrikan Revolutionary Heroes in the previous centuries. He synthesized the IDEOLOGY that provided the Afrikan world, with the MOTIVATING FORCE to break the shackles that bind US. His Philosophies and Opinions established the foundation upon which Afrikan Unity is built. HEROES OF THE AFRIKAN STRUGGLE BEFORE MARCUS

Queen Nzinga Olaudah Equiano Ottobah Cugoano Boukman Dutty Toussant L'Ouverture Henri Christophe Jean-Jacqes Dessalines Paul Cuffe Shaka Zulu Heroes of Haiti

E Blyden M Delaney HS Williams Marcus Garvey KNkrumah Seku Ture A Cabral MalcolmX Kwame ture

Marcus Garvey

AFRIKAN HEROES, Women and Men of valour and courage cover every age and era of the Afrikan saga. There is no shortage of Role Models in the Afrikan story. This MAN, is one of those heroes that can be highlighted and honoured by Afrikans everywhere. He is the man that put into concrete material form, the Philosophies and Opinions of Pan-Afrikanism. Taking concepts and ideas that spanned the centuries, since the destruction of Afrikan Civilisations he established and verbalised the concepts that provided the motivation for the REBIRTH of AFRIKAN CIVILISATION.


Kwame Nkrumah

On the list of Afrikan Heroes Kwame Nkrumah must stand out as one of OUR Leaders in the 20th century, that carried the Philosophies and Opinions of Marcus Garvey to the next level.

Africa Must Unite Nkrumah STure ACabral

KWAME NKRUMAH, led Ghana to INDEPENDENCE. While seeking to bring Ghana into the modern world after many generations of COLONIAL Underdevelopment, Kwame Nkrumah devoted his energies to the Unification of the African Continent. This was the motivating energy that drove Kwame Nkrumah, Seku Ture and Amilcar Cabral, once they secured their countries Independence from their Colonial Overlords.

Seku Ture Seku Ture Amilcar Cabral Amilcar Cabral MalcolmX Malcolm X Kwame Ture KT Speaks Kwame Ture
Africa Must Unite
This was also the motive force of the Counter Revolution. The Colonial Powers, shifted their base, from direct political administration and covert internal wars to neo-colonial economic warfare. Their initial main counter revolutionary objective,was to insure that none of the LEADERS that led their countries to Independence lived to move Afrka's struggle to its next phase.


This is the continent of Afrika today. 53 independent Nations. A continent with false borders, created to satisfy the wants of former colonial rulers. 53 heads of State. Each open to the corruption that is the underpinnings of western style free enterprise economics and western style democracy.

In order to attain "flag" independence, the leaders of the day, accepted those false borders.

Areas and People that are socially, biologically and cuturally linked for centuries are now occupying different "countries."

OAU PanAfrika Africa Liberation Day AU Summit From the naming of African Freedom Day to the Organisation of African Unity through the celebrations of African Liberation Day, to the establishment of the African Union. 1958-2002. African Liberation Day

Flags of Africa

These are the 53 symbolic concepts that represent the 53 independent Nations. "FLAG" independence gave each coutry the right to create a flag as the symbolic representation of their falsely created country.

Except for the initial group of leaders that fought the colonial rulers, and took their countries out of the colonial stranglehold, there has been no indications that moves to elimimate false boundaries or amalgamate under one flag is being seriously proposed by any particular geographical grouping or country.


This flag is a symbolic representation of the UNIFICATIONof the Afrikan Continent. When any group of countries begins to merge under one flag, and remove their false boundaries the process of unification will begin.


This is the richest continent on the planet. 12 million square miles, 1 billion People.

The material resources that supply the developed world with certain rare metals that drive their high technology based industries.

The material supplier of certain metals that keep their advanced military machinery going. Africa has the mineral resources, the land resources and the people resources.

Geographically located in the center of the planet.

The continent of Africa and African People have all the ingredients necessary to make a GREAT and Magnificient People.

Land, to feed any mass easily. Minerals to fuel any industrial development. People with the Know How in every aspect of human achievement.


The advent of the African Union (AU) can be described as an event of great magnitude in the institutional evolution of the continent.
On 9.9.1999, the Heads of State and Government of the Organisation of African Unity issued a Declaration.
The Sirte Declaration, calling for the establishment of an African Union.
With a view, inter alia, to accelerating the process of integration in the continent.
To enable it play its rightful role in the global economy while addressing multifaceted social, economic and political problems compounded as they are by certain negative aspects of globalisation.
The African Union has a FLAG, A LOGO, and a National Anthem.
It is an advancement over the organ it replaced, the OAU, but much still has to be done.

The OAU was a divided organ from its inception. Not all of its MEMBERS were fully committed to the UNITY OF AFRICA.

The Sirte Declaration offered a new way forward. From 1999 to the present, however, the AU has demonstrated not only the continued division established within the OAU but has continued further along the path of the old colonial divisions.

The neo-colonial inroads made by the the old colonial rulers, through the many pacts and treaties negotiated by individual Afrikan States and the AU body clearly demonstrates the neither current Afrikan leadership individually, or through the AU organ have the Afrikan People at home and abroad at heart.

TO SURVIVE the neocolonial onslaught as an integral HUMAN grouping,AFRIKANS at home and ABROAD must Unite AFRIKA.

The AU has demonstrated, that under present leadership it neither has the WILL nor the INTENT to do so.

Afrikans at home and abroad must create the organ that will UNITE Afrika.


Description of The Emblem of the AU

The palm leaves shooting up on either side of the outer circle stand for peace.
The gold circle again symbolizes Africa's wealth and bright future.
The green circle again stands for African hopes and aspirations.
The plain map of Africa without boundaries in the inner circle signifies African unity.
The small interlocking red rings at base of the Emblem stand for African solidarity, and the blood shed for Liberation of Africa.


AU Flag

Description of the The Flag of the AU

Flag composed of :
Broad green horizontal stripe at the top followed by a narrow band of gold.
Broad white stripe bearing the Emblem at its centre followed by a narrow gold band and broad green stripe at the bottom.

Symbolic significance:

The colour green symbolizes African hopes and aspiration to unity.
The gold colour stands for African wealth and bright future.
The colour white represents the purity of Africa's desire to have genuine friends throughout the world.

New AU Anthem
AU Picture
Let us all unite and celebrate together
The victories won for our liberation
Let us dedicate ourselves to rise together
To defend our liberty and unity

O Sons and Daughters of Africa
Flesh of the Sun and Flesh of the Sky
Let us make Africa the Tree of Life

Let us all unite and sing together
To uphold the bonds that frame our destiny
Let us dedicate ourselves to fight together
For lasting peace and justice on earth

O Sons and Daughters of Africa
Flesh of the Sun and Flesh of the Sky
Let us make Africa the Tree of Life

Let us all unite and toil together
To give the best we have to Africa
The cradle of mankind and fount of culture
Our pride and hope at break of dawn.

O Sons and Daughters of Africa
Flesh of the Sun and Flesh of the Sky
Let us make Africa the Tree of Life

Woman Woman Woman

The African Woman. Beauty, Strength, Power, Authority, Knowledge. Teacher, Socializer, Organiser, Adviser, Inventor, all reside here. The genetic memory of Afrika resides here. The Past, Present and Future of Afrikan people all reside here.

Mother Mother

What made Afrikan Civilizations HIGH CIVILIZATIONS?
The Position, that WOMEN occupied in its structure.
Afrika and Afrikans must regain the BALANCE,that allowed them to flourish for Millinea.
WOMEN must attain their CORRECT positions.
It is the Strength of the WOMEN on the PHYSICAL, MENTAL and SPIRITUAL plane, that made Afrika and Afrikans attain and maintain HIGH CVILIZATIONS for long periods of time.
It is the Strength of the Woman that has allowed US to endure and survive the last (500) five hundred years.
The elevation of the WOMAN through the effort of both Afrikan Women and Men will begin the Re-Birth of Afrikan High Civilizations.

family family family family family family family family family family family

The foundation of CIVILIZATION.


The trap lies here. The european captured your BODY, your MENTALITY and your SPIRIT.
Claiming to release you from physical bondage, he has trapped you in his illusion that you have been made free.
Still struggling with the vestiges of Physical bondage, we have yet to make any progress from physical emancipation.
At least 2 of the three elements are necessary for complete freedom.
Since the third element is out of reach presently, the key to our continued progress lies here.
Until we establish control of the institutions that condition us, or establish our own institutions to lay the foundation for our own redemption. They will keep us trapped through their mass media, religion and education institutions.
The key lies in your mentalitity.
Real Afrikan Unity, The Rebirth of Afrikan Civilization, The Re-establishment of an Afrikan Centered World View, will not become a reality, until the GLAMOR that the non Melanoid material being who thrives in a world of chaos has placed on your mentality is broken.

With the few exceptions in quotes, All of the written thoughts and ideas generated here in their present form are mine.
Feel free to use any of it that is of benefit to the Afrikan Struggle.